About the team at TWO

What makes TWO unique, is the team who work together to bring their passion, creativity and commitment to great hair, to every guest they see.

Whether you’re looking for a blow dry for a night out, or a complete hair transformation, you can be confident our team of expert hairdressers will help you achieve your hair goals.


One half of the Two duo. With years of experience in top Southsea and Portsmouth salons, Marcus brings honesty, attention to detail, and expertise to every cut, colour, and style.


With a flair for classic with a twist, she’s your go-to for all things hair. From vibrant colours to chic cuts, Shona’s expertise guarantees a transformation you’ll love.


I like working at Two because the salon’s ethos aligns with mine about sustainability and being as eco-friendly as possible. I am a true problem solver, and I love helping my clients achieve their hair goals.

My forever inspiration is Alexa Chung, her take on British effortlessness and French chic is always something I try to include in my work.

I’ve been working at the salon for five years now. I love learning and improving my skills through courses like Sassoon, Jack and the Wolfe, MulletBaby and many more. My favourite thing to do is create natural-looking and healthy hair and take clients on a journey of growing out their natural colour and blending white hair.


What I love about Two is that the salon has a lovely, warm, and friendly vibe. I like that they use Davies products and follow that sustainability value. And, of course, there is the bonus of working with Marcus as we used to work together a long (very long) time ago!

My hair inspirations are Julia Robbers in Pretty Woman, with her cinnamon red curls, Angela Davis, with her structured Afro, and Kate Moss, with her lived-in blonde. (Nothing looks more lived-in than hair that’s not been home for a few days!)

I qualified as a stylist and started working at Lee Stafford in Soho.  After doing an intense course at Sassoon, I was offered a job as a colourist at the flagship South Molton St salon, where I taught at the academy. I stayed for five years until I got into session styling for music videos, adverts, and magazines like ID, Hunger, and Vice. For the past nine years, I’ve been a senior colourist at Bleach London, specialising in bleach blondes and any colour you can think of.


I love working at Two because I feel like we are a family. I love the chill vibes our salon gives off. 

My hair inspiration is “ Adriano From Radio” he is inspiring and has a true talent. 

I’ve been at the salon for three years and qualified for eight months! I’m learning more and more every day. And I can’t wait to see what my future holds for me at Two.


I enjoy working at Two for the team’s relaxing vibe and the chance to meet all our lovely clients. I used to work in Southsea Salons as a hairstylist and am now enjoying my time in front of house at Two Salons.


I love working for Two, due to the supportive team, friendly atmosphere and calming salon.

 My hair inspiration is Sienna Millers. I am loving her natural waves at the minute.